Load Text Dynamicly

hi guys…
i know it’s very simple question but i don’t know what is the reason…

i’ve main SWF whichis load mc_dataHolder… it works
mc_dataHolder which is load text file ok… everything was great.

main SWF in FLA folder
mc_dataHolder in SWF folder
text in text folder

when i put the text in the text folder i can’t see text it’s load the SWF no problem in it. but there is no text appear… :m:

if i run mc_dataHolder lonly it loads text file no problem.
i don’t know what is the problem… i spent the night trying to solve it alone but i couldn’t.

i asked for this before:
my preloader appear in 70% precent… i want to tell you that i removed the components from my file and make load in separat mc … of course after loading complete (-: