Load unload swf

I have a series of animation 8 in total.

I want to no how to play one animation, have a delay for 5 sec, and unload that swf, and then play the next.swf with the same delay, this is repeated for the other animations.

I just cant work this out as i am new to actionsript 3.0. Can any body show me how this is done

I started with this code


var ld:Loader = new Loader()
ld.load(new URLRequest(“EnvironmentalTraining.swf”)

This allows me to load 1.swf,and that it.

This task was easy in actionscript2.0.

All example i have found online, use buttons to load/unload swf.
I need an example without button.

I just want to load a swf, have a delay then play the other swf, in a loop