Load variable from ASP (get variable) as 2

Hi flash friends,

Im trying to make a SWF that sends some variables (query string) to ASP. Then the ASPfile is responding with “response.write”. Everything works great except i dont know how to get the asp-answer back into flash again.

I got a few variables that’s added in a movieclip called form, then use this command on the button.

in the flash button, (on release)

success = 0;
form.loadVariables ("http://xxxx/Code.asp", "GET")

in Code.asp

response.write "success=1"

Then when i try this command it seems that the success variable dosnt work.

      if (success == 1)
            gotoAndStop ("success") 

I have a feeling (i hope) that the answer is quite easy so maybe someone could be nice and help me out.
Thanks for reading/helping!