Load variables and duplicating movies

i have a movieclip called N inside a movieclip in the main timeline.
I will load the “Total” variable from a PHp but until then i use a txt with Total=23; this will make 23 copies of the N movie clip.(when i use PHP that number can be any number).

and in this timeline i have this code:

[COLOR=Red]//carga de la variable[/COLOR]
myVars = new LoadVars();
myVars.onLoad = function() {
	chucheta = this.Total;
[COLOR=Red]//la multiplicacion de las movies[/COLOR]
for (count=0; count<chucheta; count++) {
	this.N.duplicateMovieClip("N"+count, count);
	this["N"+count].numero.htmlText = count+1;
	this["N"+count]._x = -300+(this["N"+count]._width+1)*count;
[COLOR=Red]//carga primera foto y borrado de la movieclip original
this.N._y = -1500;
this.N._alpha = 0;

if i replace the “chucheta” variable with a number works fine but when i try to use the variable “chucheta” to replicate the movie nothing works.
It seem to blank the variable outside the function
PD this movie it gonna load in a main movie with myMC.loadMovie();
Also i attached the fla file