Load Vars trouble

um i’m having trouble with my site. I changed it so that text is loaded from a text file. It works on my computer but doesn’t seem to work on my website…can u check this out? http://www.bezzanet.zzn.com
Yeah i have the text file uploaded and stuff like that…just not working properly on the net…

Any help is apreciated…please tell me if you see text on the fron page and stuff like that :slight_smile:

ohhhh come on ppl…i just need someone to look at my site and see if it works… is that to much to ask? hehe :*(


I didn’t have any problems when looking at your site. All the text came up perfectly fine in all the sections.

Hope that helps,

Uth :nerd:

Same here, it looks good :slight_smile:

hehe thanks :slight_smile: Its really weird…it wouldn’t work when i checked it out… oh well :slight_smile: