Load x ternal swf movie into frame label

Hey guys!!

I want to load an external swf, into the main swf, which has labeld frames.

So if i have a frame labeled for instance “intro” in the main timeline of the main swf, i want the external swf called “intro” to load into the that frame labelled “intro” on the main swf…hope u understand what i mean!!

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“intro.swf”, 1);

thats the code for the buttons, but i want the “intro” swf to load up when the timeline stops. before pressing any buttons!!
So this external swf loads as part of the main swf.


Put a blank MC on that frame and name the instance the same as the lable. Then load the swf in to the blank MC using AS. U should be able to figure it out from that puzzleloader fla I sent u.

Thanks 4 the quick reply, yeah i know how to do it that way, im just trying to do it through frame labels!!

Any ideas??


You can’t load it to a label. It must be a layer or a MC. If there is another way I haven’t seen it