Load xml to flash

Hi everyone.
I know to load text file to flash. How do I do the same thing with an XML file? I have absolutley no idea how to use XML. I just want standard text, nothing Flashy. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

do a search for tut’s on this subject. Most people will answer a specific question for a specific situation an look at code or a .fla you may be working on, but you need to do some research first.

Try actionscript.org, they have some tut’s on this i think.

i read some, i know to create a xml to hold data,to load,but not understanding the display part, it seem the a lot of ways to display and i find the easy and good way.
i be loading the whole xml starting the first line
example here the xml file.

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<?xml-stylesheet type=“text/xsl” href=“jcdmenu.xsl”?>
<link>jay_link.html </link>
<title>Ye Hui Hei</title>
<artist>Jay Chou</artist>
<link>jolin_link.html </link>
<title>72 bian</title>
<artist>Jolin Cai</artist>
<link>arron_link.html </link>
<title>Xin Ge</title>
<company>SONY MUSIC</company>

loadText = new XML();
//creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
//scroller is the dyanamic text
scroller.text = loadText;


is it possible to load the xml file in flash and edit the the xml then save it.
the 3 above thing, load i can but the edit and save i hav no ideas
and wat the parseXML function?

you can’t change the xml file from flash…
u can change the xml that u loaded into flash, but can’t save the changes to the external xml file.
if you want to change the external xml with flash, u can use ASP,PHP and etc…

sorry, I never use xml to do what you want. I use them to load image arrays or to imput text into dynamic text fields. I can help with that, but I have no idea how to format xml data via the xml file itself.

i made a muldimedia cd that includes 5000 products of a company… and i used xml for seach the products with their properties. and the most imported thing is, this cd is updating itself from the internet. but the problem is, i must know the cd has updated before or not… if flash can writes to the xml file, this was very easy… but must made it with ASP and the other server side programming languages.
so, u must use server side programming;)


so u mean i cant change the content in flash but can change it using asp
and when it open is in HTML format, from there i use the sendandload to save the xml.file correct?
can anyone show me a sample on the

asp and the action script in the button save.

error on the page