Hey look at the loadbar doesnt load its length… itll go about 1/4 of the way and stop… anyone help?

got a screen shot when it was at 100

Care to tell us what preloader it is, where you got it from, how it works, some as ? Anyway, I suppose you’re using lost’s preloader (on which there have been billions and billions of threads - search is still there y’know.)
Make sure to change the 100 in this line:

this.loadBar._width = getPercent*100;

to the the final width of your loadbar, which would be about 400 here.

yea thats what i figured but i was just checking… lol srry… i dint know there was that many… next time i should search first

anyways thx a bunch imma test it now

You’d thing I would change _width to _xscale in the tutorial to prevent this issue, but sometimes I like to see how many people don’t read the explanation of how/why the code works :beam:

Same goes for why I haven’t yet updated the .zip file downloaded at the end, I like to see how many people can’t figure out why the preloader works on the movie itself, but when it gets loaded into another movie it no longer works (fixed _root to ‘this’ issue in the tutorial, but not in the final file).

So apart from incredible laziness on my part to fixing these issues, it works out for personal enjoyment.

I’m so cruel sometimes :beam:

Lol ! How many ?