loadClip Cross-Domain anguish

Hello KirupaTypes… I’ve got a problem I think…

if I make a movie and put the follow actions on a frame:

createEmptyMovieClip("BackgroundImageContainer", 40);
BackgroundImageContainer._x = 10;
BackgroundImageContainer._y = 10;

var BackgroundImageLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
BackgroundImageLoader.loadClip("http://www.jsf.mil/images/f35/f35_introduction_planes.jpg", BackgroundImageContainer);

The code runs fine from my desk top, but if I put it online, it does not.

After reading the documentation, I’ve learned that since MX2004, Flash doesn’t allow cross domain loading like this. (Since I’m loading the image from http://www.jsf.mil/ and not my own domain.)

WHY? I mean, if I make a slideshow thingie for people to use and don’t want to host their images, can’t they just use a ImageShack kind of thing to host them for them. ImageShack isn’t going to put one of those crossdomain files on their root for me…

is there a work around for this?

Why does flash hate me? hahahaha