Loaded bytes question

hey folks,

I have the following code attached to a movie clip which I am using to load various images into. How would I go about finding the total size of the image being loaded so I can put it into a variable. I want to then show this variable value in a text field so the user knows how big the image is that is being loaded.

onClipEvent (data) {
  	this._alpha = 0;
  	this._x = 496;
  	this._y = 306;
  	this._x = this._x-(this._width/2);
  	this._y = this._y-(this._height/2);
  onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
  	if (this._alpha<100) {
  		this.float_alpha += 20;
  		this._alpha = this.float_alpha;

I’m sure there’s probably an easy way of doing this but at the moment my brain is fried and I can’t seem to get it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

show us the code with the LOAD command… are you using a movieClipEvent.loadClip or a simply loadMovie… because each has a different approach… :wink:

loadMovie(“images”+LocationPrefix+imagelocation, _root.loaderContainer);

where _root.loaderContainer is the movie object that has the earlier code attached to it.