Loaded images disappearing

I am importing an external JPG into my movie. I need to use that same JPG in 3 total places, all at different sizes. I also need to motion tween between the first instance of the image and the 2nd, as it moves and resizes to a smaller version.

I have it working so I can fade in (on the timeline) my holder movieclip. BUT, when I try to either resize the holder movieclip, or change the mask for it, the image just disapears.

Here is how I have the image coming in:

_root.content.holder1.createEmptyMovieClip("photo1", 1);

Then I resize it (I’m pulling the image in at the largest size I need it, 164x159):

_root.content.holder1.onEnterFrame = function(){
 if(_root.content.holder1.photo1._width !=0){
 	_root.content.holder1.photo1._width = 135;
 	_root.content.holder1.photo1._height = 130;
 	delete this.onEnterFrame;

Any ideas why the image is disappearing? I need to be able to move and scale this image, while also doing a motion tween on the mask above it.

Am I limited to tweening with ActionScript on holder1?

I dont think there is anything wrong with your code. Are you setting the mask after it has loaded? As for your last question, I dont really know how you would be able to tween it any other way since the mc has been created dynamically.

The mask is set before the image is loaded. But then I am doing a shape tween on that mask, and as soon as that tween begins the image is gone. If I take out the shape tween on the mask, the image is still there during playback.

To be honest i`m only guessing at what may be wrong , try not starting the tween until after the movie has loaded. Just made this and it seems to work ok.

I FINALLY figured it out. My shape tweened mask was happening directly on the timeline, just above the loaded image. The solution: Place the mask tween inside a movieclip. That solved it. The image no longer disappears.