Loaded movie clip is the wrong size

I am working on a new feature for my website. It is eerily similar to the “preloading dynamic files” tutorial here on kirupa. However, when i load the new movie, the size is way off. It appears zoomed in, and you can’t see the entire loaded movie. The mask and movie are the same size, and yet the movie loads bigger then the mask. Even when the movie is made smaller, it still is too big. I’ve tried all i can think of, so if someone knows how to do this, i would really appreciate your help. Thanks, www.themanly.com

pls check the zip file I’ve attached. YOu can find he loadMovie () source code in the olympics.fla file. Pls adjust the X and Y value according to your movie requiremetn. Hope this will help you to solve the problem…cheers :toad:

Sorry pls check the PlaceHolder.FLA for souce code… ok

thank you very much! The example you gave me didn’t help directly, but I was able to look at the differences and figure out the problem. Again, thanks a lot. - www.themanly.com