Loaded movie won't load external text file

Straight to the point:
I created a flash swf(scroller swf:news) with dynamic scrolling loaded text. It works perfect as a standalone. The problem is that when I load it from another swf(main swf:test) through a button event the movie loads but the text doesn’t show. Please if anyone has the time please look over the code and help me unravel the “loading mystery”. The tutorial i used for the dynamic scrolling text is found at Actionscript.org(Intermidiate tutorial 29).

Probably you’ve got something in your loaded .swf referring to the root timeline, which is getting screwed up when it loads into the other .swf. Remember that wherever you use _root in your code, it’s going to go straight to the root timeline of your main .swf (as in the one that all your others are being loaded into). It sounds like that’s your problem.

How should you refer to the root then in a loaded swf?

if this is in your main.swf
loadMovie(“movie.swf”, “instances”);

how do you refer to this:

loadVariablesNum(“html.txt”, 0);


onClipEvent (load) {
_root.scrollerDirection = “left”;

a few different ways: using _parent, using this in the timeline of the movieclip the textbox is in, or using _root but putting in the fullpath to the textbox.

For example if the textbox is sitting on the main timeline of the external swf, and that external swf is being loaded into an empty movie clip in the main file called “container” then the path is simply _root.container.myTextBox.

If the textbox is sitting in a movie clip called “myMC” which is sitting on the main timeline of the external swf then the path is _root.container.myMC.myTextBox

Make sense? It’s all about showing Flash the path to your object.