Loaded movies interacting w/ each other

I’m trying to figure this one out…

In my main movie I have a movieclip(all_movies). This movieclip has two movieclips inside of it (load_navbar & load_home). These two movieclips load movies: load_navbar loads navbar.swf (level 2) and load_home loads home.swf (level1).

Ok, now I’m trying to have the buttons on the navbar (a home button in particular) to tell the load_home mc to load its movie again when pressed.

So far I have the button in navbar.swf doing the following:

on (release) {

where movieholder is the (all_movies) instance name and home_holder is the (load_home) instance name.

So far I can get the movies to load on different levels, but navbar won’t tell home to reload. I think I’m on the right track, just something’s missing…

Please help…