Loaded .swf accessing FlashVars

OK, I’ve got an AS3 app we’ll call [COLOR=seagreen]Game.swf[/COLOR], which needs to access FlashVars from [COLOR=royalblue]Game.html[/COLOR]… easily done with


It turns out that [COLOR=seagreen]Game.swf[/COLOR] is heavy enough to require a preloader. The only effective way of doing that in AS3 is to load [COLOR=#2e8b57]Game.swf[/COLOR] into [COLOR=darkorange]Preloader.swf[/COLOR], which is embedded in [COLOR=red]Preloader.html[/COLOR].

The question is, where do the FlashVars go (in [COLOR=red]Preloader.html[/COLOR]??), and how can [COLOR=seagreen]Game.swf[/COLOR] access those variables? Any suggestions on how to do this? Many thanks.