Loading a Jpg from your web page into flash with PHP

This is a PHP Flash image generator:\r1.By using PHP it takes a .jpg on a site and pulls it into your .swf file without using Macromedia Generator($999) or swift-generator($100). Its like having dynamic images but now with remote .jpg files that don’t even need to be nested within your .swf! Its like cloning dynamic text to work with images! Its great…but for some people that don’t know PHP this might suck…but who doesn’t lol…well check it out cause its great and new:\r\r<a href=http://www.stefanschuessler.de/flash/02.php>JPG TO SWF</a>

interesting!!! i will look into this tommorow… :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan… this could be very helpful.

that’s very cool. no installs required.\r\rif you can install … www.opaque.net/ming/\r\rthat’s a beautiful thing. you can create all kinds of swfs, 100% dynamically. you can program a flash site, without using flash!

That is really cool dan!