Loading a SWF into a Movieclip with XML

Hey guys… I hope you can help me out!

I got some kind of fotoviewer… it gets the text (under each picture there is a text which is clickable; it opens an URL) and the pictures from an external XML.

Now I’d like to change it… so when I click on the text (or picture), I want to open a .SWF into a MovieClip which is on my stage. How can I do this?

The part of ActionScript which I should change (I think!):

    img_info.albumLink.enabled = true;
    if (infostruc[current - 1].albumLink == undefined) {
        img_info.albumLink.enabled = false;
    } else {
        if (infostruc[current - 1].albumLink == "undefined") {
            img_info.albumLink.enabled = false;
        } else {
            img_info.albumLink.onPress = function() {
                getURL(infostruc[current - 1].albumLink, "_blank");

(albumLink is the name of the text which is clickable)

The XML file contains this:

<artist>Competentie A1</artist>
<albumName>Professioneel handelen</albumName>

Can someone help :)? I already tried some things, but I just can’t get it working… I guess I’m not thinking right!

Thx in advance!