Loading a SWF on top of a buttonless scroller

I’ve used a buttonless scroller tutorial from another site (I know, shame on me, etc, etc): http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Interactivity/Non-Butt-Adam_Lem-909/index.php to create a scrolling image of the office I work in, which scrolls left & right when you mouseover the far ends of the image.
I have then created nav buttons below this scrolling image which, when clicked, load separate SWFs over the top of the scrolling image to cover it.
My problem is that even though the SWFs are loaded over the top of the scroller whenever the mouse moves over the far ends it is still trying to scroll the image underneath, so I can’t add any buttons to the ends of the SWFs.

Has anyone used this buttonless scroller in a similar fashion & knows how to deactivate it when the SWFs are loaded over it?
Or even anyone with any suggestions would be most welcome.
Oh & I’m using Flash MX if that’s any help.