Loading an already online flash file

yeah how do i loading an already online flash file so that it plays at the end of my flash file? but so it loads the online one, ready to play at the end of mine

Could you perhaps rephrase that question, sounds a tad confusing the way you stated it?


okay, i have a flash intro that im goin to upload to a site, but i can only upload 1mb at a time, so i divided the intro into two 1mb bits, but now i want to join them so they play one after the other with out a gap when loading the second one.

so i juz wanna know how to load an online flash during my flash file so it loads up straight away when the first intro is finished

in the first part do a loadMovieNum or loadMovie and put the url to the SWF as the location.
in the second part make the first frame of the movie blank except for a stop action.
then, in the first movie’s last frame tell the loaded movie to play.
people with slow connections won’t like you because you will have them waiting twice to load the two movie portions. you should probably preload the whole thing and have a preloader game…something to pass the time.
just make sure that the intro is worth the wait for those people!!