Loading an animation created in actionscript in a target MC

Hi there,

I don’t really have a clue about actionscript and I’m working on a bit of flash that has some actionscript in it the randomly generates different snowflakes that move upwards on the stage. Problem is I need them to load into a target mc rather than on the top level of the main timeline and I don’t know how to amend the code.

The code I’m using is:

snowNumber = 60;
var flakes:Array = new Array(“flake1”, “flake2”, “flake3”,“flake4”,“flake5”,“flake6”)
for (i=0; i<snowNumber; i++) {
newSnow = _root[flakes[random(flakes.length)]].duplicateMovieClip(“snow”+i, i);
newSnow._x = Math.random()*Stage.width;
newSnow._y = Stage.height+Math.random()*300;
newSnow.maxSnowSpeed = Math.random()*4;
newSnow.wind = Math.random()*6;
newSnow._xscale = newSnow._yscale = Math.random()*60+40
prevSnow = newSnow;
newSnow.onEnterFrame = function() {
//this._rotation -= this.maxSnowSpeed+1;
if(this._y<-50 || this._x>Stage.width+50 || this._x<-50){
this._y = Stage.height+Math.random()*300;
this._x = Math.random()*Stage.width;
} else {
this._y -= this.maxSnowSpeed+1;
this._x += this.wind-4;

	//this._alpha = this.alpha;


Can anyone help?