Loading an external .swf and making it cache

Hi there,

I have two flash files done in AS2. One is called ‘holder.swf’ and has the following code to load ‘ball_game_2_10.swf’.


load_anim.load_fill._xscale = 0

loadMovie("ball_game_2_10.swf", "holder");

onEnterFrame = function () {
	infoLoaded = holder.getBytesLoaded();
	infoTotal = holder.getBytesTotal();
	percentage = Math.floor(infoLoaded/infoTotal*100);
	if (!isNaN(percentage) && percentage != null) {
		load_anim.load_fill._xscale = percentage;
	if (percentage>=100 && !isNaN(percentage) && percentage != null) {
		delete onEnterFrame;
		load_anim._visible = false;

For some reason every time you visit the link below, flash reloads the entire swf. How can I fix this so that it reloads only if the file is changed?