Loading and Unloading Movie Clip

Hi All! I’m new to the forum and posted about a week ago, you guys really helped with my last question so hopefully someone can help with this one. Here goes…

**[COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Indigo]-Flash file titled “HOME3.fla” has a blank movie clip with instance name “main”

-When “HOME3.swf” plays, movieclip “main” automatically loads another swf titled “HOME_thumbnails.swf”

-“HOME_thumbnails.swf” has a thumbnail grid of images, and another blank movie clip inside itself, instance name “all_rollovers”, that when the thumbnails in the grid are rolled over a hover caption appears over it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]-I need a movieclip in “all_rollovers” that when pressed “main” in “HOME3.swf” unloads [/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Navy][COLOR=DarkRed]“HOME_thumbnails.swf” and then loads an swf titled “PHOTOGRAPHY.swf” at the frame titled “photography_two”[/COLOR]**

[COLOR=Black]Make sense? Did I mention I’m not Flash savvy?.. Please help if you can, I’d appreciate it.