Loading another swf movie

i’ve always heard about spanning a big flash movie into several swfs so as not to take toll on the loading time. but i haven’t tried doing it yet. so here are my relevant questions:

  1. how do i call/load a second swf with a button from the principal swf?
  2. how do i configure it so that (a) the second swf takes the place of the principal swf in the display area, or (b) the second swf takes up only a minute space in the display area and the principal swf continues to play in the background (underneath)? is this where the level thing comes in?
  3. in case i’m on with the second swf, how do i unload it so i can either go back to the principal swf or load a third swf in its place?

so sorry for the many questions all at once. just wanted to get the idea before i start out.


acton is loadMovie.
then you need to decide where to:
if level0 (or _root), it will replace the content
if another level, will be shown above this content (above all of it)
if into an empty movie clip in the main swf, will just be there
All this gets chosen with target (level or clip).