Loading AS2 file in AS3 Problem

HI This is Omair

i got the problem in loading AS2 in As3…
i have an AS3 Container >> which loads AS2 loader >> which load AS1 or AS2 slides… these slides have different functions on there _root time lines. like _level0.someFunction();

i have made local connection between the AS3 Container and AS2 Loader… AS3 Container and AS2 loader communicate well.

problem is this when i load these slides only in AS2 loader _level0 works fine, but when i load it in AS2 Loader and AS2 loader load in AS3 container _level0.someFunction() didn’t work.

if i change the _level0.someFunction() into _parent.someFunction() it works well, but problem is this i cant change this function in 200,000 slides.

i just only wanna know that how to refer the stupid _level0 in AS3.

i m tired of finding the solution i did all of the thing which i able to do, please some one help me :bored: :(…