Loading bar for .swf files

*[size=4][color=#003366]Creating [/color][/size][font=Verdana][size=4][color=#003366]a Full Flash Site
[/color][/size][/font][font=Arial][size=1][color=#808080]by [color=#808080]kirupa chinnathambi[/color][/color][/size][/font]
In this tutorial I saw how to do a flash site.
I have a question:

It is possible to put a loading bar for every .swf file that plys while the .swf file is loading?

My site is www.websitedesign.ro

I have there 3 .swf files there : home1.swf , info.swf and portofoliu.swf.

to load the .swf files I used this script:

[color=royalblue]on (release) {
I would like to put a loading bar in three frames like this:

and I want this load bar for every each of three .swf files .

If you chek the site above, when the doors are closed , it will be great to have the loader there .

If I choose instead a loading bar , it must be at firsts frames of the .swf files?

Thank you very much!*