Loading different content depending on website

hey all,

A quick question on a possibility…

Is it possible to have different content such as text and images to be loading into flash depending on what wesbsite the swf is in?

let me break it down…

1 - I have 3 main swf named: mainA.swf, mainB.swf, mainC.swf
2 - I have 1 swf named: popup.swf that loads externally into mainA, mainB, MainC.swf
3 - The popup.swf has external .txt files loading into dynamic text box’s

Basically i need to have when i visit mainA.swf for the popup.swf to show certain text in the box’s but at the sametime when i visit mainB.swf to have popup.swf show me different text in the box’s…make sense?

any help or advice would be much appreciated :}