Loading external actionscript file problem

/* A Fighting Game */

I have a main fla named ‘jv.fla’
And actionscript files jvdhalsim.as, jvryu.as, jvcody.as

What I’ve done is in the player selection window if the user selects ryu button, then I have a variable playerSelected:String which will have “ryu” assigned to it.Similarly if cody is selected playerSelected = “cody”

Both jvryu.as and jvcody.as has same content except the player name which is different.
Has the same variables…, eventlistening functions.

     var ryuwalk_mc       <>       var codywalk_mc
     var keyPress:uint     <>       var keyPress:uint

In the main actionscript layer in the jv.fla I’ve a condition:

if (playerSelected == "ryu") {
    include "jvryu.as";
} else if (playerSelected == "cody") {
    include "jvcody.as";

By the above code I suppose flash should load only any one of the selected file. (This is my idea), but doesn’t seems to work because while compiling it flash says duplicate variable definition, duplicate function definition, etc.

Does that mean both the files are getting loaded?
Where am I wrong?
How to do a conditional loading of the actionscript files?
Or is there any different method.

Please help me.
Thank You.