Loading External Images and scrolling?

Starting on a project that will be a constant running presentation of photos. The photos will be two different sizes, one horizontal, the other vertical.

What im looking to do, i have no clue how to do. i traditionally just do flash design, and mess with actionscript when need be, but with some of the projects ive been doing, especially photo stuff like this, i need to be able to change the order of display, and the pictures, without it taking forever.

I want to load the photos from the folder, and have them displayed, fading in and out. i want to have in the code, the ability to add more pictures, and have the code pick them up and display them as well. so basically, if they client wants to add a photo to the folder, they can do so, and it will be displayed. The tricky part is, the different size photos must alternate, and animate will they do this.

I imagine that the code will allow a certian number of pictures, in a certiain naming order, and if it reaches “picture23” for example, and it doesnt exist, it can go to the fade out, and then start over.

I dont have the slightest idea how to start this. i can find tutorials on loading pictures dynamically, but there is nothing animating them, and i cannot find a way to say “if this picture doesnt exist, end” etc.

am i making sence? can anyone help me?

nobody? i really would love to know how to do this?

well you might want to start by setting arrays for those images. For example, myArray = [“pic01.jpg”, “pic02.jpg”,…and so on], but keep in mind that the path is directed to where your .swf file is located. This way you can easily access the pictures with myArray[1] or myArray*.

Animation of fading in and fading out is just _alpha coding. Play around with that and you’ll figure it out.