Loading external images in swf library

I have asked so many people this question and no one seems to understand what I’m asking. PLEASE help me!! I created a website for a client to show images of their work. Well…they wanted thumbnails that you rollover and the picture appears. So I imported the full size image… scaled it down to a thumbnail size. Created a button. Within that button I created a movie clip so that the thumbnail turns back and the full size image appears. If you go to http://www.cumberlandmillwork.com you’ll see what I’m talking about. Well here is my probelm. The client wants to be able to switch out the images on their own. So I was wondering if there is a way I can load the images externallly instead of have them imbedded int the swf. I know you can do load image with a movie clip…but I need to be able to load the jpgs and they automatically correpond with every place I used them in the flash. For instance…when you are working in flash and want to switch out an image…you just go to the library, open that image and hit update. Then it updates the image used throughout the flash. Is there a way to do this externally to an swf? If you think you can help me figure this out PLEASE let me know. I’m so fed up with trying to figure it out!

Thanks a bunch! :tired: