Loading external movie/SWF

Hi everyone,

Im new to Flash and to this forums also, seems many friendly ppl in this forum. Anyway, I have a question regarding ‘loading an external movie’ to the main movie.

Ive been reading this tutorial : http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/loadmovie.htm . Looks great stuff to learn…but how to load that movie in specific location ? and how to load movies automatically w/o press any button ? umm I hope thats clear :beam:

Thanks a lot in advance :link:

Read my post on this thread:


thanks claudio, it works !! umm I have another question tho, how to load more than movies in flash ?

can I do something like this :

thanks for ur help !!

You can use loadMovie as many times as you want.
Just create another container mc, lets call it content2_mc.
than use the following code:[AS]loadMovie(anothermovie.swf, _root.content2_mc);[/AS]

Thank you claudio for ur help !!

how to create a smooth scrolling effect like this site :
http://www.bluefishgroup.com/ (see the water effect)

I was trying to do something similiar : http://www.masboy.com/flash/watereffect.html but when it came to the last frame, it didnt run smooth. Err…I dont know how to explain it, I hope that’s clear.

Thanks a bunch !!

You’re welcomme :slight_smile:
Please post the fla

Oh…here is :




thanks !!