Loading External SWF into MovieClip problem

Hello everyone,

I am a new forum user and new AS programmer (but an experienced OOP in C++/Java/.NET),
now using Flash CS4 on a Windows XP Pro machine.

Using pre-loader demos from the web I coded my first AS3 program, it actually works as expected with some SWF movies; but with others it fails to operate properly.

What I wanted to do is to create classes for each type of movieclip I have (the movieclips are all 100 frames animations) and when I create the instances with “new” the classes would just load its corresponding movieclip content (A SWF file containing the 100 frames).

Well the first problem I ran into was that if the SWF file is from previous versions (AS2 say) it does not work. Just to let you know because that is not the prolem now.

All the program is doing now is loading the external swf into a movieclip instance at the time the class is created, this part works fine always, and then listening to EVERYFRAME events just calls moveNext going from frame 1 to 100, and when I reaches frame 100 it plays backwards by calling movePrevious.

The program works fine with a SWF file I downloaded from the web, but because I am having a hard time finding long animations built with the current version of Flash I tried to create my own SWF files to test, etc… Now the problems:

I have 100 frames that I import to the stage into a new movieclip, then I right click on that movieclip in the library and export this movieclip as SWF using Flash CS4…which creates the SWF fine and which I can play in a player fine too.

However the program fails with this Flash CS4 movieclip ! , for some reason it does not seem to react to the moveNext and movePrevious calls, it just plays from 1 to 100 and them jumps back to 1 again.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong ???

Thank you all.