Loading external swf into movieclip

Alright, I’m going to try to explain this the best I can.

First off, here are the files I’m dealing with:

  1. guestbook.php
  2. guestbook.txt
  3. guestbook.swf
  4. main.swf

I have a form on guestbook.swf that sends the data to guestbook.php which then reads and writes to guestbook.txt. Guestbook.swf works fine as a standalone movie - it’ll read the text file and then display the data in the dynamic text box named ‘guestbook’.

However, when I try to load guestbook.swf into a movie clip named ‘content’ from main.swf the data is not being shown in my dynamic text box (‘guestbook’). I’m pretting sure it has something to due with a targeting issue, but I’m not sure how to do this.

Here is the code that I think is causing the problem (action for submit form in guestbook.swf):

if(name eq “”){
warning = “You forgot your name!”;
}else if(message eq “”){
warning = “Don’t forget to leave a message.”;
submit = “yes”
numHigh = 5;
numLow = 0;
_root.content.guestbook = “Loading new data…”;
loadVariablesNum(“guestbook.php”, 0, “Post”);

I’ve tried changing ‘0’ to “_root.content.guestbook” in loadVariablesNum but when I tested it out, as soon as I click on submit it opens up another window with the address guestbook.php. I want the data to load in text box ‘guestbook’ not in another window.

I hope that all makes sense. Please help, I’d really appreciate it. I’m new to Flash.


flash-db guestbook? :wink:
you can’t use a target witl loadMovieNum, gotta use loadMovie!
try _root.content.loadVariables(“guestbook.php”)
(maybe add in the POST again if it doesn’t work…)