Loading External SWF's takes away interactivity

Hi everyone.

First things first. I’m very very very tired and can only do about 2 words per minute today so I can’t think. I have my flash website, into which I want to load my interactive map of my home town Manchester (UK). However, when I load my map into a target mc I loose all my wonderful interactivity and the **** thing is just this static thing that doesn’t do anything. Where have all the actions gone from my loaded movie?

Please help I’m stuip, tired and ready to fall asleep.


Make sure that the actions point to the correct instance, eg if you movie is called map, loaded into an mc called holder, use:


and when referring back to the main movie from map, use:


If referring back from another level (eg a movie loaded into level 2) use


Yeah, where are your actions exactly?

I put my actions for the map controls all in my external SWF file. All the controls are there.

As far as loading the SWF into my main movie I just have an MC called “holder” with the following Actions:
LoadMovie(manchestermap.swf, holder)

I can see the map appear but the actions for navigating the map just don’t seem to work, hence it becoming static and the externally loaded manchestermap is pointless.

if your actions are in “map” then

gotoAndPlay(“framelabel”) should work or (“framenumber”)

this will tell map to go to that frame or label. Check the actions on the buttons.

I’ve got to disappear for 10 mins, but if you can post your fla, I, or one of the mods will have a look, or email it to [email protected] then I’ll have a look

Check your email.

I have the same problem as “as_clark20”. How did you fix his problem?
Currently i have a main swf and trying to load the photo galery (photo.swf), which i downloaded from this site, into the main swf. The buttons are not working on the photo galery. The photo.swf does load up but cannot interact with it.


Well his case was a case of not addressing the target mc with the correct instance path. If the advice a few posts up doesn’t help then do like he did and email me your fla at [email protected] and let me know the problem. Or post your code and I, or someone, probably one of the mods, will help you out.

I am trying to load the softball.swf into the movie instance “photo” in the current movie with this line of code:

on (release) {

As a work around, I removed the movie instance “photo” and used this code. This works fine.:
on (release) {

I would still like to have the movie loaded into a movie instance in the main swf. Sorry i am new at flash, pardon my flash language.


You need to use

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {
loadMovie (“softball.swf”, “photo”)

This will load softball.swf into the movie clip photo.

Thank you for your help…