Loading external txt file

I know I’m missing something real simple…

trying to load and external txt file from my server using dynamic text box and this script,

this.loadText = new loadVars();
this.loadText.onLoad = function(success) {
if (success) {
// trace(success);
newsBox.html = true;
newsBox.htmlText = this.myNews;

the blogger is loaded into the root inside an empty movieclip.

by itself the swf works but when I upload the txt. file and the swf I get no text.

thanx 4 any help.


can you post your fla’s? I’m pretty sure it’s just a path problem

Sure here it is but trust me I’ve tried everything,

all my variables are declared, to match txt file and txt file was upload as ascii and chmod to read and write, but still no joy.

thanx 4 help



ah thanx very much, what did you do different.


i erased the variable name. capitalized the L in loadVars (for mx2k4 only) and referenced the text file locally