Loading HTML files... complicated

This might sound like a weird request, but my gf asked me to put a horoscope flash applet on our personal web site. When the web page is loaded the flash (and PHP) is going to load up a Yahoo! page ( http://astrology.yahoo.com/astrology/love/daily/gemini ) and somehow load the daily Couples horoscope into my dynamic text box. If you look at the source of that HTML page, it has the following:

 <b class="yastshdotxt">Daily Couples:</b><br>Intellectual curiosity helps keep you young at heart. Take a trip to the library together, or head out to your favorite neighborhood galleries.<br><br> 

My question is, how do i get actionscript & PHP to load that horoscope into my text box? My current source is attached (in MX 2004 format).

Any help would be appreciated… :cons: