Loading HTML sites in Frames

Hey.\rI need help with this one:\r\rIs there any way od loading, with Flash Button in one Frame of the HTML page, a page (HTML or Flash) in the other Frame?\r\rThanks\r\rDon Albino

yes, you can use javascript. too tired to explain.\rmust change diapers…\rmust change diapers…:slight_smile: \rjeremy

Make sure you name your frames in the HTML coding:\r\r<frameset>\r_ _ _ _ <frame src=“stuff1.html” name=“stuff1”>\r_ _ _ _ <frame src=“stuff2.html” name=“stuff2”>\r</frameset>\r\rAnd then on the button, when you state the getURL action, state the name of the frame (where you want the page to load) as the target. For example, let’s say your flash file is in the frame labeled “stuff1” and you want stuff3.html to appear in the frame “stuff2” when the flash button is clicked. Add this actionscript to the button:\r\ron (release) {\r getURL (“stuff3.html”, “stuff2”);\r}

Got kids too?..sleepless nights, huh?\r\rFor two swfs, check this out:\rwww.ashzfall.com/examples/flash/fscom/

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