Loading Images inside MovieClip with mask

Hi all, dont think i’m too far away with this one, i am loading in a set of images from an XML file and i am trying to get each image to load into an image holder movie clip i have made.

this is my code thus far:

function callThumbs():void
for(var i:Number = 0; i < total; i++)
   var projectNode:XML = projects*;// Get this project/row
   var images:XMLList = projectNode.IMAGE;// Get the images out of this project/row
   var imagesTotal:Number = images.length();

for (var j:Number = 0; j < imagesTotal; j++) {// Loop over these images (for just this project)
      var thumb_url = images[j][email protected];
      var thumb_loader = new Loader();
      thumb_loader.load(new URLRequest(thumb_url));
      thumb_loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, thumbLoaded);
      thumb_loader.name = i + "_" + j;// The name will be row_column.
      thumb_loader.x =(thumbHeight+10)* i;
      thumb_loader.y =(thumbHeight+10)* j; // Position vertically by using "i" as a counter for our current row.

function thumbLoaded(e:Event):void{
    var my_thumb:Loader = Loader(e.target.loader);
    my_thumb.contentLoaderInfo.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, thumbLoaded);

i have tried a few things but can’t seem to find the correct code for it.
my holder is an mc with a second mc inside so is laid out like holder.imageHolder

if anybody could point me in the right direction i would be very grateful.