Loading MC

how would i load movieclips like i would swf. or shouldi just have one movieclip, and inside there are different flags. So i can just load the flags?
which way is better?

Not sure I follow - could you expand?

loadMovie or loadMovieNum sounds like something you want to look into


loadmovie is for swf and loadmovienum is for movieclips?

uh yea, maybe instead of loading multiple movie clips, i can have one movie clip with different flags or whatever they’re called in it

Sure, you can do it that way too. If you want to expand on what you are trying to do I can make some suggestions.


ok, i want a scroll bar menu. but i want different buttons inside of it when they pick a different section. so if they pick flash it will load buttons that have to do with flash

Well, you can handle that several different ways but what I like to do is have external swfs load (using loadMovie) into an empty movieclip when the appropriate button in the menu is pressed. That keeps file sizes small and easy to edit. Paths become a problem but if you are savvy you’ll figure it out.