Loading movie clip into target

ok,… so i know this is an easy easy thing to do… but There has to be soething that i am looking over here…

I am just trying to load a movie into a target.

I have been at this prob for like 3hrs… now.

any help would be apprecited.

since you’re new to loadMovie, i would recommend putting the AS directly in the button rather than using an outside function. using a button, just use this AS:[AS]on(release){

ok,… so i have:


And I applied that to the button.
button_1.swf is the file that i have,. and it is in the same folder.


it that right?

oh,… an i am using a empty movie clip named “container” who’s instance is also “container” in another layer on the same level.

well, you’re going to be using _parent.container.loadMovie(“button1.swf”);

remember, your text in your button1.swf is white (the same color as the area of menuslider that it is loading into). the BG color in button1.swf is black, but the BG will not show up when using the loadMovie within the menuslider file. try changing your text color in the button1.swf, you’ll see what i mean.

when you target MC’s, you refer to the instance name, not the name of the MC. so _parent.container.loadMovie(“button1.swf”); tells you to look up one level, look for an MC w/instance name container, and loadMovie “button1.swf” into that MC.


I dont know that that is right…

“container”, is not showing up in blue…

and I did change the text color, and re-publish…

I thought that this would be the best way to make text appear under the slider, to show you what scene you are on.


let me see a moment…well i have the container in the parent level… level
0 - and the instance name is “bob”

then on the button, on level 1, i have the code:


and i get error messages…

however, when i put the container named “bob” on a layer on Level 1, i do not get error messages, and i also dont get a movie clip.

I feel like there is one thing that os being over looked… hmmm


so _parent.container.loadMovie(“button1.swf”); tells you to look up one level,

I have my concept of levels wrong. So it does mean that there is something wrong with the MC.
and that i am doing something right. no error messages. that is a plus.


I appreciate your help and patience… :tb:

container won’t show up in blue because it’s not a built-in function for flash. as for this being the best way to show what section you’re in, well, it’s not. but it can be done this way.

look at the zip file here. i’ve gotten rid of your button function in the main timeline. i’ve also added an onEventClip to your container MC so that the container trails the slider.

//edit: the _width/2 part of the onEventClip(enterFrame) AS in the MC is just to center the container below the slider. but it doesn’t appear centered b/c your dynamic text box is wider than need be in the button1.swf and button2.swf.

let me know how it works.

yes it works, and i see how…

you know…

i think it has to do with the state of mind…
I think i was trying to hard to force something to happen… regardless of how easy it was.

it was telling me early on that i needed to just stop, work on somethig else,. and come back to it.

The answer was there. i see it now. thank you. thank you.

yeah, when you’re working w/AS (or really any programming language), there’s usually an easier way to do something than what you first come up with. if it seems unnecessarily hard, it probably is. i usually just walk around my house to clear my head.

Thank you again…

Yeah i got bit by the stubborn bug. (ouch!)
it happens when you least expect it.
and once it is upon you, you feel like you are one step away from doing it.

that step just happen to be AWAY from the computer.
it is the same situation as gambling - one more and i will win! i am so close!

thank you for stopping the cycle.
i hope to return the favor some day.


yep. no problem.