Loading movie from another movie?

I have a problem where I have 2 movies on a page (each in their own frame). I want the second movie to start after the first one has finished, but right now they both start at the same time.\r\rIs there a way to check if movie1.swf _framesloaded = _totalframes and if true start the next movie? \r\rAny help would be greatly appreciated

create a function in javascript that tells the second movie to play. then, in the first movie call that function.\r:) \rjeremy

Can you tell us more about that, sinfiniti ?\rpom 0]

Scripts are not allowed

Did you write that or is it just my friend the Ezboard ?\rIf you wanna put code, in case you don’t know, you have to put “code” between [] at the beginning and “/code” at the end.\r\rCome on, you’re making me drool…\rpom 0]

couldn’t get it to work…\rjeremydecker.s5.com/script.txt\r\rtry that!\r:) \rjeremy