Loading movie with loadMovie tut

Hi there!

I’ve just been through the following tut (http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/loading.asp) and decided to give it a go with a test website I’m working on…

The movie I’m loading in is actually 2 frames long, and upon loading it in, I want to goto the second frame…

I thought a simple moviename.gotoAndStop(2); would do it, but alas, does not work!!!

Could someone please help me?


Um, if you want it to go to the second frame first, why not put that frame first?

And to call a gotoAndPlay function you will have to do that in the movie itself.

Possible a blank first frame (changing your 1 frame to frame 2 and your 2nd frame to frame 3) with a gotoAndPlay(3) action on the frame.