Loading movieclips like little seperate windows

I’ve got a main .swf, from here I load several seconmdary clips into a single movieclip placeholder on the stage.

In one of the secondary movieclips, I have a button that loads another movieclip on top of it with the loadMovie action. This third movieclip is a picture that you can drag around the stage and close when you’re done.

The problem is when I load the third movieclip, the second one unloads. They are loading into different movieclip placeholders. I just want the third movieclip to act like a pop up window within the swf, so you can view it, then close it and continue browsing.

The reason for this is because the openMovie function from the Kirupa tutorial (open a centred pop-up window) doesn’t work from teh standalone flash player, it only works if you are viewing the swf from a browser.

My movie is coming up with a transparent bg in level 1 …?

Did you set the _alpha property somewhere?



I mean unless you’ve got an actual bg colour as a layer instead of just setting the swf’s flash movie bg colour - it will only load the content and so appears transparent loaded into the parent movie.

I’ve got around that now by going back to original fla but now I’m having trouble with the movie loaded taking on it’s frame rate

If you are loading external swfs into a main file then the frame rate of the entire project will be set to whatever the frame rate of the main file is. There is a way to dynamically change the frame rate at a certain time but I don’t know how offhand. Do a search in the forums because I’ve seen this question before, if that is what you are after.


it is now , thanks :slight_smile:

If I remember right, you can change the framerate “cheating” by importing a swf with a sound file (only without the sound)because sound files keep the framerate of their swf. Something like that, if you haven’t found anything else yet. I also saw it somewhere and thought I had kept the link. check for Kenny Bellows (I think it’s Bellow) tutorials on the sound object and here on the forums.