Loading movies inside a loadedMovie

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But i have a problem i’ve been trying to solve for a few months…

I have a main page. There I have a button that has a loadMovie script. It works perfectly. When you press it, a movie (1) plays in the empty MC i placed in the main timeline. So far so good…Now the problem is that inside the movie that is loaded, i have a button that wants to load (with the loadMovie action) another movie (2) inside the loaded movie (1). Kinda confusing? :-\

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Thanx in advance to everyone and congrats to all those hard-working designers that are keeping alive the kindness of the flash scene…

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You have to navigate through the main movie too!
So if you have the first movie loaded into “_root.movie.asdf”
the the second movie in the first movie that’s loaded into the main movie has to be loaded like through the main movie and first movie too:
So if it would be “_root.fdsa” then it has to be “_root.movie.asdf.fdsa”
note that there can be no movieclips with the same var-name
Hope that helped =)

ok i think that makes sense…but i’m kinda confused…would you please be a little more specific?..
thanx a lot!!!:slight_smile: