Loading multiple mc's with one button

hi all, happy new year!
im having a problem loading multiple movie clips in flash mx i can load and replace the current movie clip but i have more than one clip i want to load with the same click is that possible and if so how would i change this script:

on (release) {loadMovie(“inquirertxt.swf”,“maintxt”)(“reflectionstitle.swf”,“lefttitle”);

note: the 2nd part of this script is my attempt at loading the second mc into lefttitle the 2nd target mc
im not getting an error code on this but it doesn’t work what am i doing wrong? :hr:

-im a novice and im not familiar with too many scripting languages so please simplify ur responses if possible
i just joined this forum and im not sure how to search if someone can at least help with that id appreciate it -thanks in advance