Loading multiple Movie Clips


I need some suggessions on loading mulitple movie clips.

I have one MC in library named Main (linkage name is also Main), in which I am dynamically creating textfields and filling it with the external file (.xml), which is being loaded on to the stage itself. Till here things are fine.

Now clicking on a Print Button, I am duplicating the Main MCs… n number of times (lets assume 10 times) and in each MC filling up different data from xml file.

Now I am getting 10 pages printed with different data in to it perfectly. But what I see is the position of the data (x and y positions) always remains the same in all MC which is set for my Main MC in library. But in some of the MCs data is in diff positions, I think I need a pause while I am duplicating MCs and give it time to create textfields in diff positions and then filling it up with data. So that it will display the data in diff places dynamically as I needed.

How can I keep track on the same? I hope I have cleared about what I want :slight_smile: