Loading multiple swf..not working

Hi guys i have a main swf that has 6 xml galleries loaded into it, basically i want to load automatically and at the same time all 6 in empty MC.
It actually works and these gallery all loads into the main. these are xml photogallery and should automatically display the 1st pic but just one gallery does that, in the other ones i see the thumbs and they work but i don’t see the 1st image loaded, just the preloader bar.
All the gallery work but only one shows me the opening image.
I’ve tried swapdept, level, just plain loadmovie but nothing works so far…not a clue.
I had buttons loading this swf before and were working great but now i change it and i’d like to load the galleries all at the same time and automatically.
I also tried to load an instance of the xml gallery into an MC and placed it into the mc, everything works fine but the thumbs won’t load…maybe an xml path problem?
If anybody could point me in the right direction it would be great.
Thanks a lot