Loading Multiple TXT files into one Dynamic Text Box

Hi y’all hows it going today.

Ok, here’s what I would like to do.
I can load txt into a dynamic text box. That bit is fine.

I have multiple buttons on a frame and I would like for each frame to load a different TXT file into the same dynamic text box. Is this possible? I’m sure it is but I’m having a really thick day and I don’t feel intellectually up to much today to be perfectly honest.

Thanks to anyone who can reply!

Cant you just put another text field directly on top of your first one? same x and y position. Just have your buttons go to each text field.

Try this…
let’s say that the variable name of da textbox is “textbox”
and in the begiining of one textfile is “text1=” and the second is “text2=”
Make to loadVariable actions and then put the action:

textbox = text1 + text2

See if that works… if it doesn’t work the nmake the instance name of the textbox “textbox” and change the action I gave you before to:

textbox**.text** = text + text2

of course you may need to put “_root” or that kinda stuff before in the front of the action for the right navigation :slight_smile:

Let me know if it works or not…

i think that would work syko but here’s how i would do it.

your buttons are on a frame you can set each button to go to a different frame of the movie. each frame looks identical except on that frame the onLoad command that puts the text in the text box specifies whichever new text file you wish to load. just remember to tell the buttons to gotoandStop b/c the default is gotoandPlay. hehe

hope this helps

Cheers dudes! I am now a happy bunny again!

glad i could help :slight_smile: