Loading page not working

i do apologize but i do have the dreaded preloader question. I know how to set them up and write them etc, i followed the preloader tut and the transitions b/w external pages tut on Kirupa. when i apply it to my site everything works great but one page. my setup is as follows:

main timeline w/ a target MC “window”
download.swf is loading into “window”
download.swf has ANOTHER target MC “empty”
epics.swf is loading into “empty”

epics.swf is the page im having a problem with. when i put the preloader in the first frame, it will flash then load have the page and when i click on another link “video” then reload epics.swf again, the page loads correctly but no loader. to see wut i mean please go here http://www.avidgraphics.net/emain.html CLICK on downloads then on “pics” you will see that half of it loads, then click on “video” THEN click BACK on “pics”

im not sure why its doing that? does anyone have an idea?