Loading php data to flash

If any one has any ideas on this…\r\rI’m trying to load an array from php to flash that the data is shown in a scrollable window…\r\rI created a dynmaic txt box and attached a scroller to it… the txt box has a name called content… How can I get the output of the php file into the text field… \r\rheres the php code\r\r<?php\r\r$server=“localhost”;\r$user=“mysql”;\r$pswd="";\r$dbbase=“test”;\r\r$hookup = mysql_connect($server, $user, $pswd);\r\rmysql_select_db($dbbase,$hookup);\r\r$result = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM setlist”,$hookup);\r\r$nrows = mysql_num_rows($result);\r$rString = “n=”.$nrows;\r\rfor ($i=0; $i < $nrows; $i++) {\r $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);\r $rString .= “&date”.$i."=".$row[‘date’];\r $rString .= “&venue”.$i."=".$row[‘venue’]."&cityst".$i."=".$row[‘cityst’];\r $rString .= “&set1”.$i."=".$row[‘set1’]."&notes".$i."=".$row[‘notes’]."&recorded".$i."=".$row[‘recorded’];\r}\recho $rString;\r\r?>\r\ror is there a better way to get data out mf mysql db and so the data is in a nice layed out format where all the data is scrollable… I hope I made sense of what my brain was trying to say.\rthanks in advance for any and all help

As the php gurus dwell somewhere else, try posting this on the forum at www.phpforflash.com …sometimes they answer :wink:

I tried that board… my php code is fine according to others out there, I still cant get the data to show up in flash at all\r\rheres the actionscript I’m using…\r\r\r var i;\r content.htmlText = “”;\r for (i=0; i<this.n; i++) {\r content.htmlText += "  “+this[“venue”+i]+” “+this[“cityst”+i]+”";\r content.htmlText += "  “+this[“set1”+i]+”";\r content.htmlText += "  “+this[“notes”+1]+” “+this[“recorded”+i]+”";\r }

Shouldn’t you address your text area like this:\r_root.movieClip.textName.text = “something”;\r\rSo, in your case:\r** _root.content.htmlText .text** += “__”+this[“set1”+i]+"";\r\r\rThe _root is optional, but have you tried as a test:\rcontent.htmlText = “something simple”;\r\r

If your PHP is ok, why post it?\rWhat debugging measures have you taken?\rTried displaying the retrieved info in an html page?\rTried hardcoding a value to be displayed to see if anything at all shows up?\rand so on…(trace, breakpoints…)\r\rIt’s a bit difficult to debug s’thing without seeing the whole structure, maybe you try to display the data before it’s loaded in, maybe…?!