Loading pictures/text


Is there some way to load pictures/text into an SWF without it actually being in that SWF file? For example, if someone clicks on a thumbnail, i want it to load the picture, however, since there are many pictures on my website, i don’t want them all to load with the flash itself. Likewise, with text- i write a lot on my page and i want people to have the option of reviewing older writings, but i don’t want it to all load right off. If anyone knows a good way to do this, i would REALLY appreciate it! :slight_smile: Thanks!


I use MX, so I can’t really help you with dynamically loading .txt, but I do know that is possible.

As for dynamically loading images, that is only in MX. Flash 5 does not support that. Unless you save each image as an .swf and use loadMovie to load the image into your main flash movie.

<B>loadMovie Tutorial</B> - http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/loadmovie.asp

Loading txt in F5 is really easy, just use loadVariable “myText.txt” and separate your different parts by &
example: &firstParagraph=blablabla&secondP=moreblabla&…
then in your swf, you can display each of the variables
(&firstParagraph, &secondP, &…) in a txt field with the same variable name

If you want to load different txt files, just link to each with a button…

Ah, so you load it the same way as MX.

You can, but you shouldn’t, in MX, you’re s’posed to use the new loadVars instead … who cares :slight_smile:

Haha, same principle though:P